Melania Trump Bravely Returns To Public In Form-Fitting Gown Alongside Donald


Melania Trump is back to making public appearances, as she was seen alongside her husband, Donald Trump, in Mar-a-Lago.

The wife of the former president lost her mother, Amalija Knavs, to an undisclosed illness last month. Knav’s illness had caused Melania to be missing from a number of gatherings, including a Trump family Christmas party last year.

Melania has now been spotted attending a party with Trump, her first since her mother was laid to rest.

Melania Trump Appeared In Good Spirits At Mar-a-Lago Party

Melania Trump Bravely Returns To Public In Form-Fitting Gown Alongside Donald

Instagram | Noy Tawil

According to several reports, Melania appears to be moving on from the loss of her mother, Amalija Knavs.

Previously absent from many public appearances made by Trump and his family, Melania’s non-participation was often attributed to her mother’s ill health, as clarified by the former president and various sources.

Now that her mother, Knavs, has been laid to rest after succumbing to the ailment, Melania was recently seen attending a Mar-a-Lago party alongside Trump, suggesting that she was now ready to make more public appearances.

At the party, Melania and Trump shared a picture with an Israeli model, Noy Tawil, that suggested that the former first lady was in good spirits.

The couple also looked stylish in their attire. Melania was elegantly clad in a navy blue long-sleeve gown complemented by a silver necklace, while the former president opted for a timeless look in a classic black tuxedo paired with a bowtie.

Donald Trump Says His Wife Will Play A Role In His Re-election Campaign

Donald Trump's Marriage To Melania Is Allegedly Only About 'Business And Not Pleasure'


Already, rumours have swirled that Melania will now return to take an active position in Trump’s re-election campaign. The billionaire mogul confirmed those speculations during an interview with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade.

“She wants to make America great again, too. She’s gonna play, and she always did play a big role,” Trump told his host.

He added, “She was somebody that you could rely on. She’s very smart, a very compassionate person…she wants to make America Great again, too.”

The former president also added that he “would rely on her for advice” before adding more explanation about Melania’s role.

Trump concluded: “I think she’s going to be very active in the sense of being active, at the same time, I don’t want my family to be too active because they did such a great job last time.”

Political Expert Says Melania Trump Isn’t ‘Enthusiastic’ About Joining Her Husband’s Campaign

Donald Trump's Marriage To Melania Is Allegedly Only About 'Business And Not Pleasure'


Despite Trump’s insistence that Melania will play a role in his re-election, a political expert, Grant Reeher, has claimed that the former president’s legal troubles might put a wedge in those plans.

“From a distance, it seems that Melania became less enthusiastic about this role as the controversies and the scandals mounted, so I don’t know how involved she’ll want to be this time around,” Reeher told the Mirror.

He also hinted that Melania might avoid aiding Trump because of a motherly instinct to protect their son Barron from the media.

Raheer added about Melania, “She may be keen to guard Barron from becoming too exposed. Once you draw on your family, they become fair game for the media and opposition research.”

However, he did say that other Trump family members would work with the former president just like they did in his previous administration.

Melania And Donald Trump’s Marriage Is Allegedly A ‘Business’

Donald Trump Calls Melania's Mother 'An Incredible Woman' In Tribute After Her Demise


It was recently rumored that Trump and Melania’s marriage lacks any emotional connection.

A report by the National Enquirer claimed that the couple doesn’t often share intimate moments, indicating their relationship is more like a business arrangement than a romantic one.

Her purpose is reportedly to help him keep a look of having a happy home and also play a part in achieving his goal to return to the White House when the U.S. elections are held later this year.

“Very simply put, Donald is with Melania because her presence could help him win the presidency again,” a source said. “She provides a living, breathing defense against claims he’s a serial cheater and sexual predator. But sometimes life in Trump World is too much, even for her.”

These rumors about Melania and Trump’s relationship seem to have been confirmed by the duo not publicly celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary.

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