OnePlus takes on the wet touchscreen problem


I got caught in the rain twice last week. That probably says more about my general lack of preparedness than anything, of course, but I was reminded both times how much is sucks attempting to use a wet touchscreen.

I wouldn’t say it’s the largest single issue facing smartphones today, but in an era when device makers seem to be focused on little more than spec races and unusual form factors, it’s good to see a company tackling a genuine usability issue.

OnePlus is showcasing “Rain Water Touch,” a feature designed make wet touchscreens more useable. 9to5 Google spotted the news, which debuted on the hardware maker’s Weibo channel.

Image Credits: OnePlus

The video showcases a OnePlus device going head-to-head with iPhone 14 Pro, while being mercilessly bombarded by artificial rain and fog. It should help with recently washed or very sweaty hands, as well.

OnePlus says the system utilizes a combination of silicon and a custom algorithm to determine finger placement and work around the issues with water, which conducts electrical signals, like the human hand.

The feature is set to debut on the Ace 2 Pro, which will be officially unveiled in China later this week. Presumably the feature will be added to other upcoming OnePlus releases, as well as those from its parent brand, Oppo.

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