Africa: Second Judicial Dialogue Betweeen the Waemu Court of Justice and the African Court in Arusha, Tanzania


Arusha, — The Judicial Dialogue was co-chaired by the President of the African Court, the Honourable Lady Justice Imani D. ABOUD and the President of the WAEMU Court of Justice, the Honourable Justice Mahawa Sémou DIOUF.

The Dialogue aimed to strengthen cooperation between the two Courts and review opportunities and prospects for judicial cooperation. During deliberations, the two courts addressed various issues relating to their respective mandates

Presentations were made by the two Courts respectively, followed by discussions on, among other things, their organisational structures, procedures for appointing judges and their terms of office, funding, referrals to the two Courts, admissibility of complaints and applications, jurisprudence in the field of human rights, and the overlapping of their jurisdictions. The two Courts also reviewed the challenges they face in discharging their duties effectively, including insufficient financial and human resources, compliance with their decisions and the mechanisms proposed to ensure that these decisions are enforced.

At the end of the Dialogue, the two Courts signed a Memorandum of Understanding for three (3) years, with effect from 20 September 2023. The two Courts agreed on initiatives aimed at achieving their respective missions as part of the Memorandum of Understanding.

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