Africa Progresses in Anti-Corruption Fight, Development . . . As US Slides Back Into More Vice


The current crop of African leaders has done a lot to fight corruption and those efforts should be commended while the assertion by US Government that Africa is getting more and more corrupt should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

In Africa, current leaders have embraced anti-corruption drives and more and more senior government officials have been arrested, tried, convicted and jailed, others have been fined or fired.

African governments have put in place anti-corruption institutions in their governments backed with legal instruments and legal powers and these have been used to aggressively pursue corrupt senior government officials and others.

Interestingly, in the contrary the US is sliding back to where Africa is running away from.

It is becoming very interesting that the current US administration of Joe Biden, going by the recent findings of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, is highly corrupt at the top and abusing proximity to state resources.

The House Committee has reported massive corruption involving President Biden, his family members and friends.

Committee chairman James Comer has presented a report in which he gives evidence of payments made directly into Biden’s accounts the accounts of his brother James and son Hunter.

The findings expressly mean that when the current Washington administration red flags other countries on corruption it is brazenly trying to say corruption is only corruption when it is done outside the United States.

The Biden administration corruption scandal shows that the White House is working on a fallacy that corruption is what others do and not what American do. The same things Biden decries in international fora against other countries, is exactly what he does. That is hypocrisy.

According to the committee report Biden’s personal financial interest and those of his family members and friends override national interest. His personal needs override the needs of ordinary Americans. Then that is questionable leadership.

Republican congressmen openly presented what they said was evidence of Biden being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for giving advantage to his son Hunter Biden and other family members over other businesses.

The Biden clan, according to the reported benefitted immensely from the Covid-19 crisis at the expense of many ordinary people and businesses that would have pushed drugs mush faster to the needy.

President Biden’s brother James was unfairly given a consultancy for US company Americane and he failed to give it direction, resulting in the company going bankrupt in the midst of the pandemic, placing many lives in danger. Some people even died after anticipating assistance that was suddenly stopped when the company went bankrupt.

Even when the company went bankrupt, James Biden was paid as much as US$600 000, and they could not stop him because he is a close relative of the President, according to the report.

Report chairman Comer said his committee obtained bank receipts (and made them available) a US$200 000 payment from James Biden and Sara Biden to Joe Biden in the form of personal check.

Comer was brave enough to release a video outlining the direct payment and questions President Joe Biden must answer.

The committee unearthed many, many more deals involving Hunter’s activities in Ukraine and his involvement in dangerous bio labs, that target a specific genealogy.

But Joe Biden, being as arrogant as he is proceeding to campaign for the Presidency for 2024.

Joe Biden continues to red flag African leaders as if he is clean himself. In fact, the current crop of African leaders is cleaner than Biden except a few he has befriended and tainted in the name of democracy.

When Joe Biden calls an African leader democratic start questioning the credential of that leader. He is a master of deception, a great liar, who used democracy, good governance and accountability to hide his corrupt activities.

The way he pumps money into Ukraine tells everyone who knows, how he is struggling to keep Zelenskyy in power to cover up corrupt deals by himself, his son and close family members,

The determination he has in making sure that Donald Trump does not appear on the 2024 election ballot, tells you how determined Biden wants to cover his tracks.

Biden is afraid that Zelenskyy will lose elections in 2024 and has advised him to abandon elections hiding behind a war with Russia, yet Russia itself is going for elections.

The world now knows that when Biden calls other leaders corrupt, it is a black pot calling another black. He is even worse.

Everywhere where America is fighting a war, his family and close associated are busy digging for deals. Indeed, US is sliding back.

Even the dirty political tactics Biden is using on Trump, are backward and exactly what long-back African leaders used on their opponents.

The current generation of African leaders is generally smarter, far tactically superior and more intelligent than the way Biden deals with Trump. It is a huge slide back.

Africa has progressed faster in the period than Biden has been running America than US itself has progressed.

Africa is working on more tangible social security issue for its people and workers than Biden has dome for his baby boomers and middle class.

Africa has new vision to create upper middle income classes by designated periods yet Biden it destroying is own.

Africa now has timeframes for development including infrastructure and Biden is focussing on lining his pockets and those of his cronies.

African leaders are focusing on win-win trade partnerships with progressive partners in the form of developed Russia and China, Biden is focusing on warring them and fighting everyone who works with Russia and China.

Africa is focusing on synergies, Biden is focusing on regime change and plunder of the resources of small nations. He is also focusing on personal deals.

When the history of his leadership is finally written he shall be known as a man who abused sanctions on other nations, a man who deceived Ukrainians into an unnecessary war, a man who support Zionist Israel into massacring Palestinians.