Troika Welcomes Meeting of Sudanese Civilians in Addis Ababa to Chart Next Steps in Restoring Sudan’s Democratic Governance


The Troika (Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States) welcomes this week’s meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia of a broad group of Sudanese civilian actors and stakeholders as an important step towards the formation of an inclusive and representative pro-democracy civilian front.

This gathering speaks to the Sudanese people’s commitment to a democratic future. We welcome the fact that, in the midst of an active conflict, a wide array of Sudanese civilian actors from both inside and outside Sudan—including representatives of historically marginalized groups and areas, Resistance Committees, trade unions, professional associations, civil society groups, political parties, new initiatives, and independent national figures—were able to come together for this important initial meeting. We are encouraged that the meeting led to a collective commitment to convene a larger gathering with more diverse representation from Sudan in the coming months.

Sudanese civilians continue to gather throughout Sudan and across the region to discuss their political future. We encourage them to seek areas of convergence and form a strong pro-democracy civilian front that can begin a process to address transitional and governance issues and reach a national consensus to press the warring parties to stop the fighting and facilitate badly needed humanitarian assistance. Securing a transitional civilian government after the conflict is critical for resuming Sudan’s progress towards democracy. That effort requires broad participation of Sudanese from all walks of life and all parts of the country.

The Troika condemns the continuing violence and tragic loss of life across Sudan. Sudan will continue to require international support and attention. The Troika countries are proud to be among the largest donors in support of the Sudanese people, and we will continue to focus on efforts to ensure that diverse communities are able to participate meaningfully in building Sudan’s democratic future, along with supporting displaced persons and other at-risk communities through life-saving humanitarian aid.

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