Steven Yan on Leading with Open-Mindedness and Understanding


This Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI), we are featuring members and leaders of our Asian Professionals at Nasdaq (APAN) employee resource group (ERG) to learn more about their roles at Nasdaq, the impact they drive every day and how other groups can be allies to the Asian community at large. We spoke with Steven Yan, Technical Operations at Nasdaq, about forming connections through understanding cultural traditions.

Can you please tell us about your role at Nasdaq?

I am part of the Technical Operations Group at Marketsite, located in NYC. We maintain and operate all technologies at the location. We are heavily involved with LIVE Broadcasts, Opening/Closing Bell Ceremonies, IPOs and client events.

Why did you decide to join APAN and what do you hope to take away and bring to the community?

I joined APAN to get a better understanding of other cultures. My hope is to takeaway a better understanding of each culture along with their traditions. I believe traditions shape an individual; the more you understand, the better you can be.

What does Asian culture represent to you? 

For me, Asian culture represents family, food and celebrations.

How can groups outside of the APAN network be allies to the Asian community?

Outside groups should inquire about what initiatives are ongoing or planned. As allies, we should ask about their initiatives as well. Sometimes, different groups have the same initiatives, which can start a wonderful relationship.

How do you feel collaboration within and outside the APAN network supports your personal growth as a leader?

I believe any collaboration helps shape an individual. To be open minded and understanding is what I believe makes a leader. My culture has shaped me to respect my leaders along with their values.  

How does working for a technology company advance collaboration in the AAPI community?

Working for a technology company comes with so many perks that stem from conversations and experiences. Using these perks, we can make long distance communications feel so much closer.

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