Singaporean woman, 82, fears for her future after moving overseas to be with daughter who stopped caring for her


An elderly woman claims that her daughter refused to take care of her after she and her husband sold their Singapore home and moved to Australia to live with her.

The 82-year-old woman, Zhang Xiujin, said that her daughter, 56, originally asked her parents to move in with her in Australia after learning that her father, Zhang’s husband, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, according to Shin Min Daily News. Zhang and her husband then sold their four-bedroom home in Marine Crescent, Singapore, and immigrated to Australia in 2018 with their savings.

Zhang explained that her husband had spent around S$20,000 (approximately $14,679) to build a small extension to their daughter’s home where the older couple would reside.

Zhang’s husband succumbed to his illness and passed away in March 2021, which Zhang explained was when her relationship with her daughter began to decline.

“She did not take good care of me and even hid some information about the returns on husband’s investments,” Zhang told Shin Min, who reported that she broke into tears several times while recounting her experience.

“Once when I was about to enter her house, my son-in-law grabbed me with both of his hands and dragged me away. After I was injured, I sought help from a neighbor, who called the police.”

After spending over two years with her daughter, Zhang made the decision to move back to Singapore in late March with the help of her nephew, who flew to Australia to bring Zhang back to Singapore. Zhang is now reportedly living alone in a hotel, as she has no permanent residence in Singapore after selling her home in 2018.

“My husband has passed on, and my daughter is unable to take care of me. I don’t know what to do at my age,” Zhang said, according to Mothership.

Zhang added that she has not spoken to her daughter since February 2022 and no longer has her phone number.

She is reportedly relying on her friends to help with tasks such as ordering meals. She also explained that while she has living relatives in Singapore, she does not want to burden them with the responsibility of taking care of her and is now looking for a caretaker and new home.

Zhang’s nephew is currently assisting her in the search and explained that he wants to help his aunt “enjoy her late years.” He also warned older persons to “think twice” before living in retirement overseas.


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