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Parliament’s Ask EP service has the answers.

If you have a question, enquiry or comment about anything related to the European Parliament, use the Parliament’s contact web form, and then just sit back and wait for a reply.

Alternatively, if you want to get in touch via smart phone, simply use the Citizens’ App.

You can contact the Parliament in any of the EU’s  24 official languages and get a response in the same language.

Is there already an answer?

Wondering what sort of questions the Parliament gets? Check out some of the most frequent replies to citizens’ questions. From gender equality to EU action against “fake news”’ and from the supply of computer chips and semiconductors to studying and learning abroad, find out what the Parliament is doing.

Questions to the President

Did you know that the President of the European Parliament, currently Roberta Metsola, receives thousands of requests for support or information on a range of issues? The Parliament makes the responses public. From abortion and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights to rule of law in Poland or trade with China, find out what Parliament said.

So, if you have a question about anything going on in the Parliament, from the State of the Union debate with the Commission President to how many political groups there are, contact the Ask EP service.

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