Mushroom hunters use branch to check well depth — and a body emerged, Missouri cops say


A human body found stuffed inside a well might have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for some curious mushroom hunters in Missouri.

The hunters had “stumbled across an old hand dug well full of water” on Sunday, May 1 — and they wanted to know how deep it was, according to a Facebook post from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

“They grabbed a long (tree) limb to stick into the well to determine the depth,” authorities said. “To their surprise, what appeared to be a human body, emerged.”

Deputies were called to the area and guarded the well overnight, according to the news release.

The next day, the body was pulled out, officials said. Water was also drained from the well.

The body was scheduled to undergo an autopsy on Thursday, May 5. No results have been publicly released.

Anyone with additional information regarding the investigation is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 417-345-2441.

Dallas County is about 155 miles southeast of Kansas City.

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