Fireball spotted over southern Mississippi, NASA confirms


A meteor streaked across the sky in southern Mississippi early Wednesday morning, running parallel to the Mississippi River.

Officials with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) confirmed reports of a fireball accompanied by a loud noise over Claiborne County.

MEMA said NASA confirmed it was the fireball that caused the noise.

There were no injuries or reports of property damage.

The Claiborne County Mississippi Emergency Management shared the following post on Facebook:

Citizens of Claiborne County, local officials are aware of the loud sound that was heard throughout the county. Grand Gulf Nuclear Station was not involved in this occurrence and the site is secure. Local and state officials are investigating and confirming the information that is received. There is no threat to the county and no action is to be taken.

According to the Vicksburg Post, a Vicksburg woman said she was standing outside when she heard a loud noise, the looked up to see “an orange fireball the size of a basketball, with a white tail behind it” headed west on a downward trajectory towards the Mississippi River.

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