Court of Auditors: MEPs back appointment of new Cypriot and Maltese members | News


Mr Hyzler was supported by 551 votes to 45 and 33 abstentions, Mr Christoforou by 549 votes to 69 and 11 abstentions.

The six-year mandates of the current Maltese and Cypriot members of the European Court of Auditors run out on 30 September and 1 November respectively this year.

The final decision on these appointments will be taken by EU member states.

About the nominees

Lefteris Christoforou, nominated by the Cypriot government, is currently a Member of European Parliament, working as member of the Budgetary Control and Budget committees. See his full CV in Annex I of the draft report.

George Marius Hyzler, nominated by the Maltese government, is currently the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life in Malta, investigating breaches of ethical standards by politicians and high-level officials. See his full CV in Annex I of the draft report.


The EU Treaty allows each member state to propose its candidate for the European Court of Auditors. Member states, after consulting Parliament, adopt the chosen nominees for a six-year term.

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