Cops pelted with bottles at ‘out-of-control’ 1,000-person party, Oregon police say


Police had to shut down an ”out of control” party involving up to 1,000 people Saturday, April 23, in Eugene, Oregon authorities reported.

Some party-goers pelted officers with glass bottles and canned goods, Eugene police said in a news release.

“Something like this is a complete embarrassment for the people who engaged in that party,” Police Chief Chris Skinner said in a statement.

Officers were called to 16th Avenue at 11 a.m. about a large party that began around 10 a.m., police said.

They found people “blocking the entire roadway, spreading into the travel lanes and spreading onto neighboring properties” around a three-story apartment building, police said.

Party-goers included underage drinkers, college-age students and some parents, police said.

“We all understand the excitement Spring brings but these irresponsible individuals, including parents and their college-aged children, should be ashamed,” Skinner said in the release.

It took police until 1 p.m. to finish breaking up the party, police told KATU. No arrests were made. The party delayed police responses to other calls, Skinner said.

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