Africa: How African Cities Rate Among Best Sunrises, Sunsets In The World!


Cape Town — Many people say that African sunrises and sunsets are the best in the world, and I certainly agree with them!  T here’s something very special about the warmth of those first or last rays of light.

Premier Inn , a holiday booking agency in the UK  compiled the best sunrises  based on 250 of the most populated cities with the most populated sunrise hashtags on Instagram, to reveal the places that are being photographed the most when we wake up in the morning, as reported by capetownetc .

They checked and counted the hashtag, #goodmorningcity  and compared it with cities in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia to determine the popularity of a city by amount of morning “snaps“.

“Instagrammers are rising early and getting their cameras ready to catch a glimpse of Africa’s most beautiful cities to see the sunrise in,” the report states. According to the ranking, Nigeria’s capital city and financial hub Lagos is Africa’s most beautiful city to see the sunrise with over 3,890 Instagram mentions, followed by Cape Town with over 2,200 tags and Cairo in Egypt with 768.

Cape Town was a big hit among early morning Instagrammers capturing sunrises from some of Cape Town’s famous hiking routes such as Lion’s Head mountain, showing that the city is even more beautiful from a great height, reports IOL.

South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria are the only countries to feature twice on Africa’s top 10 list, with South Africa’s Durban and Nigeria’s Kano State also making the cut, reports CapeTalk.

Kenya’s Nairobi, Morocco’s Casablanca, Ghana’s Accra, Egypt’s Alexandria, and Uganda’s Kampala also made the top 10 list.

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